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Friday, 10 August 2012

Rustic Shelving

I favour having my sims craft goods and sell them in their shops, but regardless of the era I am playing, I do not favour the shelving included. It is tacky and not not resemble real shelving. I have long wanted some simpler wooden shelves and today I am offering for download the fruits of my attempt to create them.

The download consists of a new decorachill (master) and a matching shelf (slave). They were originally part of a larger set and I dearly wanted to release everything together, but I am unable to due to a multitude of problems. I have already found these pieces very useful in my game, so I thought it would be better to make them available for other players now, than wait (perhaps indefinitely) to release everything.

Some things to keep in mind: The original decorachill is a full tile object thus it will sink into walls. I have sized mine so that the sides of the shelf will not be entirely eaten by walls and the baskets in turn as large as possible. There is still some clipping, as depicted in the above screenshot, and some items looks better than others. I believe that this is the best that can be achieved with this design. I hope it won't stop you from enjoying the shelves.

Download: OUATBakeryShelves.rar


  1. I was just given a link to your site, you have some very nice items here. Thanks.

  2. Thank you! I just found your site and it's solving so many problems I've had building my historical/fantasy neighbourhoods.