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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

TSM Harvest Crates

I have converted and recoloured the Cabbage Patch Harvest Crate and the Red Svelling Fruit Box (renamed Vegetable Patch Harvest Crate) from the Sims Medieval. They function as produce bins.

The cabbage crate has one subset while the vegetable crate has two, with both the original tomato and a new potato recolour.

I have increased the saturation of the vegetables in order for them to better fit in with the Sims 2.

The crates are available in nine pookleted shades: brisance, depthcharge, fision, grenade, incendiary, pyrotechnic, safetyfuse, shrapnel, and volatile.
Location: Community/Large Appliances
Download: TSMHarvestCrates.rar (1.2MB)
Note: This download is meant for people who own the Sims Medieval.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful! I will definitely be using this in my themed 'Hood. Although it's not Medieval, this will work well for my 18th Century 'Hood. Thank you! ~ Edorenel