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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Medieval Benches with Cushions

I wanted a living set which was cozy and at the same time simple enough to go anywhere. I think that an upholstered bench works well for this.

They use the repository technique, with the three-tile bench being the master. Its package includes all of the wood (made from Sunni's textures) and plain cushion recolours seen above.

Polys: 455
Location: Seating/Sofas & /Living Chairs

Download: MedievalCushionBenchSet.rar (1.3 MB)

Since taking this screen cap, I have remapped the chair so that the stripes look better. The archive below contains two packages, so you can decide whether you want both diamonds and stripes or not.

Download: MedivecalCushionBenchSetRecolours.rar

1 comment:

  1. Ooo! I can see this being a wonderful furniture for my Lothlorien Elves. :) Beautiful.